Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is mental health so important?
A: Mental health provides the foundation for enjoyment of our lives and fulfilling our individual potential. Mental Problems range in size, severity, and complexity but universally degrade our ability to experience life with energy, passion, joy, and meaning. True Psychiatry is committed to addressing the whole person as a means of improving mental health.

Q: Does True Psychiatry accept insurance?
A: True Psychiatry has no insurance affiliations nor contracts to ensure that the services you need are the services you get without any outside influences or external governance that interfere with optimal care. All services are to be paid in full at the time of each appointment. Dr. Rueth will assist in providing any required documentation necessary for patients to file their own out of network claims.

Q: What issues or disorders does True Psychiatry treat?
A: While not an exhaustive list, True Psychiatry will focus on treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders including PTSD, addiction or substance use disorders, emotional trauma, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, relationship problems and dynamics, self-esteem and confidence issues, as well as both professional and athletic performance.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: Appointments canceled greater than 72 hours in advance will not be subject to any charges. Appointments cancelled between 48 and 72 hours in advance will be subject to $50 charge per 25 minutes booked. Appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice or no-show will be subject to full charges for scheduled services.

Q: What services or issues does True Psychiatry NOT treat?
A: True Psychiatry does not specialize in what are called neurocognitive disorders including varieties of dementia, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson Disease, and Huntington Disease. Nor is the practice intended to treat primary intellectual disabilities or primary autism spectrum disorders. No long-acting injectable medications are administered as part of treatment.

Q: Can Dr. Rueth prescribe Suboxone?
A: Yes. Dr. Rueth has a DEA X-waiver allowing him to prescribe Suboxone or buprenorphine products if deemed appropriate.

Q: What kind of therapy is used at True Psychiatry?
A: Eclectic therapy is the philosophy of True Psychiatry, which is the open use of multiple different types of therapy to meet the specific needs and problems of each patient on an individual basis. This will include primarily combined elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic Therapy, Strength-Based Therapy, and Solution- Focused Brief Therapy.

Q: Does True Psychiatry have Telehealth visits available?
A: Yes. A secure connection, HIPAA compliant platform is available for Telehealth appointments.

Q: What are the current rates for non-concierge services?
A:  The current rate is $275 for 25 min.
Q: Why is coordination of care with a therapist or getting therapy from your medication provider so important?
A: Understanding the whole person and the context from which symptoms arise is critical to beneficial care. Reducing symptoms to a checklist undermines the complexity of each individual’s experience. Understanding potential medication targets as opposed to things better addressed by therapy is crucial to positive outcomes and lasting change.
Q: What does “concierge level” mean in this context?
A: We provide all our patients with a high level of accessibility 7 days per week via primarily text and email. Under our care, gone are the days of leaving a message and hoping to hear back from someone days later. Most communication is responded to in real time or same day, but we ask for 12-24 hours and view this as the upper limit of any delay in hearing back. We also provide in-home or other specific location visits for those willing pay session rates for travel time.
Q: In what states are you currently licensed?
A:  Dr. Rueth holds active licenses in TN, KY, NY, and FL