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true PSYCHIATRY is a place where clients can form a real therapeutic relationship with an experienced psychiatrist and get comprehensive care for both therapy and medication management. We also believe in whole-person care and offer additional wraparound services from our affiliated specialist to specifically enhance support, confidence, self-esteem, boundary-setting, relationship dynamics, and accountability. We pay careful and unbiased attention to determining which symptoms are best managed with therapy and those which are more amenable to treatment with medication. Understanding the whole person and the context from which symptoms arise is critical to beneficial care. Reducing symptoms to a checklist undermines the complexity of each individual’s experience. Understanding potential medication targets as opposed to things better addressed by therapy is crucial to positive outcomes and lasting change.

Mental health isnʼt just about the right combination of medications; itʼs about coming to understand yourself better, recognizing strengths and weaknesses in both coping strategies and thinking patterns, enhancing relationship quality, how you spend your time and energy, and improving physical health.

Our goal is to provide concrete guidance for total mental optimization for those ranging from sufferers of chronic mental illness to those with less well-defined problem areas in need of professional attention. True Psychiatry is by design a selective practice with highly personalized attention to a smaller number of patients for whom there is perceived to be the highest benefit based on availability.